Files and Folders

For most users they just need to backup those essentials files.

We offer both Canadian and US storage sites.  For most of our clients their encrypted data does not necessarily need to be stored in Canada and so we are able to offer better pricing.  For those who do need the data to be stored in Canada we have you covered.

In the event of file loss or worse, ransomeware, you can easily restore those files back to your workstation.

We have partnered with MSP360 to provide Server, Folder & File Backup all using the same interface.

So what makes this product so great? 

  • Its a managed solution meaning that you will get notification about the state of your backups.
  • Aurora Online is here to help, if you get stuck we can help get those backups running again.
  • We provide our clients with a web interface just in case they need to get a file if they can’t access the system where the backups are run.

Pricing is simple

  • Pricing starts at $25 / 50Gb per month.
  • Additional users are just $10 and they also get 50Gb and storage can be shared across the company.
  • For larger backup requirements we have great pricing.  $125/Tb per month

Email us at or call us  905-222-2022 to book a free trial.