Is your backup in Canada?

It’s important… read below.

We have partnered with multiple providers to cover all the bases.

All your data is stored in Canada to meet PIPEDA requirements.

Did you know?

“Once your data is transferred outside of Canada, it becomes subject to the laws of the country where the data is stored. For instance, if you send data to the U.S. for processing — or if you worked with a cloud vendor located in the U.S. — customers personal data would then be subject to U.S. law, and law enforcement agents in the U.S. could gain access to search data held by American service providers. As you can imagine, this places a larger burden on you.”

Server Backup

The ultimate of backups.

It provides complete Business Continuity!

In the event of a complete disaster where you have lost your server and your local backup, we are able to spin up an offsite copy in a secure datacenter to allow you to keep on working.

Workstation Backup

Quick, Affordable and Easy

This is a great solution for those who just need to have multiple backups of files and folders, including your accounting software backups.

Restores are quick and simple.

Office 365 Backup

Did you know that Microsoft does not backup your data!

Our solution backs up all of your email, contacts, calendars, One Drive and Sharepoint multiple times per day.

For as little as $10/user/month with no data limits.

Secure Backup 1

We also have a complete security solution for your website including options to have an offsite backup.